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Just because you're living in a cyberpunk dystopia doesn't mean you can't have fresh home-grown food. It just takes a slightly more... creative approach to horticulture.

How To Play

Plant strawberries in the dirt patches around your neighbourhood and keep them watered until they reach maturity. Get over 85% of the available dirt producing strawberries to win.

Watch out for police drones - shoot them with water or seeds to destroy them, or just run away.


LMB - Shoot water

RMB - Shoot seed

WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim

Controller support is a little bit wonky for now, I would recommend mousey keyboard.


If you encounter a problem with the camera going crazy when you fire seeds or destroy enemies try the NO_SHAKE version of the build. It is identical to the jam version except that the camera shake has been removed. This bug has only been encountered once so far to my knowledge, and I'm not sure the cause of it yet.


If you like the art in this game, check out the timelapse:


Guerrilla Gardening 0.4 JAM Version.zip 19 MB
Guerrilla Gardening 0.4.dmg 38 MB
Guerrilla Gardening 0.4_NO_SHAKE.dmg 38 MB
Guerrilla Gardening 0.4 NO SHAKE.zip 19 MB

Development log


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hope your game gets better overtime!

Thanks for playing, I'm working on a post-jam version at the moment!


Pleaaaase make your post jam version playable on non qwerty keyboards, i.e. with arrow keys or even esdf. It looks like a cool game, but I can't play it.  : )

Will do, sorry about the oversight.

Actually it seems that arrow keys are already supported for player movement in the jam version. Post-jam version will have a setting to switch between QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard layouts, so you will be able to use ZQSD if you are on an AZERTY keyboard. I'm not sure I can handle anything other than that for now. Though if ESDF opens things up further I will add that as an option.

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Indeed arrow keys are working, great! At last I could enjoy your game, excellent visuals and sound, love the small scope perfectly fitting the jam. It's fun, and my kind of difficulty: first try was a mess, then I could make it once I understood what to do. Didn't feel the need for a tutorial. Sure it cries for a post jam version with more levels ;). Good game with simple concept and solid gameplay, and again the art is what really sells it. Really love the palette and simple, very legible graphics, as well as the tunes and sfx.